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How will I raise the $500 or $150 minimum?

Login to your Participant Centre for lots of tips and tricks, check out How to Raise $500 in 7 Days, make use of our Social Media Toolkit, or give us a shout at 416-445-3377 - we’re here to help! We’re anticipating a lot of participants taking part and we believe all of you are ready for the challenge!

Does my registration fee apply towards the FUNdraising minimum?

No. That fee pays for the support you’ll receive before and during the event. But 100% of the money you DO raise goes directly to SickKids Possibilities Fund. Plus, once you get into it, you’ll raise so much more than you imagined.

How do I change my personal FUNdraising goal?

If your contribution to the Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure Walk has gone way over the top (and fingers crossed it has), you can easily increase your FUNdraising goal. Just login to your Participant Centre, click on the "change" link just below your goal, enter your new goal and click to submit." Finish by clicking the ‘update FUNdraising goal’ button.

How do I change a name on the FUNdraising Honour Roll?

If you fancy changing a name, simply call us at 416-445-3377 or email us at ( with the revised information and we will update your FUNdraising Honour Roll for you.

Does each member of a team need to raise $500/$150 - or is it a combined total?

We strongly encourage all team members to strive to reach their individual minimum of $500 (adults, 18+) or $150 (kids, age 5 - 17), however we do look at the overall team minimum goal to determine whether the team has met their FUNdraising goals. Your team captain sets the team’s FUNdraising goal, but it must be set to at least cover the minimum goal for each participant or Camp Crew on the team. For example, if you have a team of 2 adults and 2 kids (aged 5 - 17), your combined goal will total $1300. If a 3rd adult joins your team at a later date, the Team Captain must raise the team goal to $1800 to accommodate the new team member. We will look at the overall team goal to ensure your team has completed the FUNdraising goals. Remember, your Camp Counsellors are here to help you reach your FUNdraising goals!

Can I sell or serve alcohol at an event OR hold a 50/50 draw?

You know the rules, no participants under legal age are allowed to partake in alcohol or gambling EVER! But for all those who can, we certainly appreciate all your efforts to FUNdraise and would advise you to contact your liquor licensing board directly to find out about obtaining a license, and ensure that you comply with their policies.

50/50 draws require a license from the Gaming Commission. Please contact your local branch directly to ensure that you comply with their policies and receive appropriate approvals, licenses and permits.

Please note that neither "the Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure Walk" nor "SickKids Foundation” can be named on any required licenses and we cannot help you obtain one. You may also want to talk to one of our Camp Counsellors about other successful FUNdraising techniques that don’t require special permits or licenses.