SickKids GetLoud 2019

Team Hastings

On September 28, 2019, our team is joining an army: 3000+ SickKids supporters rallying together at a new fundraising event for SickKids, GetLoud. $2.5 million is our collective fundraising goal. We’re building a new SickKids, and it’s going to take all of us.

Why are we involved?

This is a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts. We can’t say enough about how much we adore this place and appreciate all of the amazing staff working here. As many of you already know our daughter Olivia became a patient at SickKids nearly 5 years ago. March 2014 was the beginning of a journey filled with uncertainty and fear, but which ultimately led us to SickKids and for that we will be forever grateful. It was March 2014 and we had recently returned home from a family trip to Hawaii, what had started there as lethargy (we thought possibly too much hiking, swimming, sightseeing and not enough sleep) quickly progressed to screaming in pain because of a headache, vomiting, being unable to walk, vision difficulty, overall confusion, and multiple trips to the Children’s hospital here in London. We received a number of different diagnoses, ranging from a simple viral infection to CNS Vasculitis and Lupus to wanting to do an invasive brain biopsy that could potentially have major long lasting repercussions to confirm another rare brain disease. We had been in contact with some of the top specialists in the world from Philadelphia Children’s Hospital to Infectious disease specialists in Hawaii and were told we needed to take her to SickKids right here in Toronto. This led us to Dr. Yeh and her team. She was not only a specialist in this field but on the forefront of the research in it. Many of the studies that we had come across in the course of our research over the past 3 months had been authored by her. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted from us. We no longer felt that we had to advocate for Olivia. Dr Yeh had it covered! As it turned out Olivia would eventually be diagnosed with the rare condition of antiMOG+ Brian inflammatory disease (a type of autoimmune disease) - Dr. Yeh specializes in these types of brain disorders. We knew from that moment that we were in the right place. Since her initial diagnosis, Olivia has had a couple of relapses, most recently Christmas 2017 and is now on a long-term treatment plan via infusions approximately every 6 months, combined with regular MRIs. The drug that she is on should prevent any recurrences. These infusions may be something she has to have for the rest of her life - that is still unknown at this point, and she will be seen regularly by Dr. Yeh and the team at SickKids until her 18th birthday. We know, though, that she is getting the best, cutting edge care and there is nowhere else we would rather her be.
SickKids has always been on the front lines in the fight for children’s health. But the clinical facilities at SickKids are close to 70 years old. Today, one of the biggest battles at SickKids is against the limits of an old building.

Help us unleash the full potential of SickKids by donating to our campaign online – it’s safe, secure and easy. Any amount you give today will help us reach our fundraising goal.

Let’s rally, march, and celebrate. When we unite in the fight against limits at SickKids, we’re unstoppable.

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