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The Z-Squad Honours Zoe Pedro
The Z-Squad Honours Zoe Pedro

The Z-Squad

Zoe Esther Caroline Pedro, was born with congenital heart disease. It was diagnosed during the 5th month of pregnancy and her parents, Tricia and David underwent a crash course about her condition in the Labatt Heart Centre at SickKids; a place they would form an intimate relationship with during the first few months after Zoe’s birth.

From the time of Zoe’s birth, there was no doubt from Tricia and David that they had a fighter and an incredibly strong girl on their hands; and they recognized that. They became regular fixtures in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit as they watched Zoe fight day after day. Zoe’s bed spot became one of hope and positivity, laughter and banter, endless Star Wars puns and Superhero references.

Zoe won over so many hearts with her smile and amazed everyone with her strength and fight. She inspired those around her to believe that the impossible was possible.

In June 2017, after a long ten months at SickKids, Zoe was well enough to be discharged to Bloorview Rehab Hospital to begin intensive rehabilitation, a new chapter in her journey. Sadly, while at Bloorview, Zoe began to show distress and was transferred back to SickKids. Zoe passed away that night with Mommy and Daddy standing by her, she was surrounded by familiar faces and voices at the Cardiac CCU, a place that had been her second home for so long. She was 16 months old.

Although Zoe’s life was short, it was a full life; full of love, laughter, joy, blessings and hope. This brave and beautiful little girl with a broken heart touched all of ours.

We take this opportunity to honour Zoe and the many children we met along the way. We march to honour the parents we met who have poured their hearts into their children. We also walk to honour the amazing medical staff at SickKids, whose kindness and expertise we will never forget. We march in honour of those whose lives with us were short, for those who continue to fight, and for our precious baby girl.

On September 29, 2018, our team, The Z-Squad is joining an army: 3000+ SickKids supporters rallying together at a fundraising event for SickKids, GetLoud. $2.5 million is our collective fundraising goal.

Help us unleash the full potential of SickKids by donating. Any amount you give today will help us reach our fundraising goal.

Let’s rally, march, and celebrate. When we unite in the fight against limits at SickKids, we’re unstoppable.

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